Many of us continue to face problems in private relationships and can not understand that their source is not a partner, but ourselves. To establish the situation in the bedroom and enjoy sex with top-quality pills will help three very important rules.

1. Self-love

It is, above all, the biological need of a healthy person. But many greatly overestimate this need. For example, some women use sex as a trade (“I give him my body, he’ll do something for me”) or even punish a partner with it (“You’ll sleep on the couch for a week!”). In fact, it is quite reasonable that you may not immediately want sex with a partner you barely know. Or that after a fight, you’re not particularly in the right mood. But when you feel the desire, and say no to yourself to manipulate this desire, it is already a serious problem that require help of original pills from leading internet pharmacy VIAQX.

Men also play games: for example, self-assert themselves through sex, which leads to the most tragic consequences – the real needs of the body are ignored, and psychological complexes are only growing. In order not to fall into these traps, it is necessary to think about yourself, to appreciate your desires, to understand them.

2. The ability to fell the moment

Learn to be in the moment. Focus on your feelings, actions, products for men health from pharmacy website and unity with the other person. Switch attention from what you may think, on, in fact, sex itself. You will see how its quality changes dramatically for the better.

3. Having a desire

A lot of people don’t have sex the way they want to, or even when they don’t want to. For some, it is “performance of matrimonial duty,” others think how to satisfy a partner, completely forgetting about themselves. There are individuals who agree to be humiliated in someone else’s favor. Such behavior leads to a poor outcome, for example, to psychosomatic diseases such as erectile dysfunction of a psychological nature or disease, when the female body “closes” and the act itself gives her great pain. Therefore, it is essential to be able to say “no” in time, not to have sex out of pity, sense of duty, sympathy, and so on.